Bell-shaped Wall Pendants

This beautiful collection matches words of blessings, prayers and other texts from the cultural and scriptural heritage of the Jewish people with unique patterns and designs.

The bell-shaped frames combine colored imprints on aluminum sheets and Swarovski crystals to form original wall decorations. 

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Our beautiful pendants are a perfect way to celebrate various milestones in the lives of your loved ones, be it a Brit, a new home, an engagement celebration, a birth of a baby girl or a Bar Mitsvah. The pendants can also be used to simply show your appreciation to a colleague or as a thoughtful gift for an acquaintance living overseas. Specific texts are available to decorate the offices of educational staff, lawyers and doctors.


 The new range on this page includes pendants sized 18.5*23 cm, The texts incorporated in these pieces include various versions of the Home Blessing, Blessing of the Candles (which is recited after lighting the candles on Friday night), verses from the "Woman of Valour", blessings for girls and boys ( also suitable to hang in children's rooms), blessings for success from Psalms  such as "Tree planted by the waters" and "Ilan Ilan" (the blessing for those who have already achieved it all) from the Taanit tractate.