Holiday and Shabbat table decorations

"Three things expand a man's mind: a beautiful wife, a beautiful apartment, and beautiful tableware"

Berachot tractate 57, 2

Beautiful tableware and accessories will make any meal festive, pleasant and inviting. The fully outfitted Shabbat and Holiday table by Dorit Judaica will make your holiday meals truly unforgettable…

Even the most delicious dish can only look more inviting when it is served in a fine vessel....

In the Shabbat and holiday table decorations series there is a broad and impressive variety of products. One can compose matching sets for the perfect look, as your budget permits. We offer a broad selection of both metallic and colorful products from which you can find the perfect match for your own table or as a gift to hosts, newly engaged couples, overseas colleagues, or whomever you might wish to make happy.

Decorative Bowls

Beautiful and impressive serving bowls made of laser cut metal in pomegranate patterns which match the challah bread PTC trays (in the "Shabbat and holidays chapter). Additional products in this example – a challah bread knife, salt/pepper sets and challah bread covers.