Salt & Pepper Shakers

A decorated slat and pepper shaker set completes the Shabbat products line – the challah trays, the challah knife and covers, and a napkin stand. Individualized complete sets can be assembled for a budget appropriate gift.The models in the collection include: Salt / pepper shakers decorated with a laser cut stainless steel pattern embedded with crystal stones or with colorful aluminum plates in flower and pomegranate patterns (the PTC series)

It is customary to dip the Challah in slat after portioning it. What is the origin of this custom? Some simply explain that this is so the blessing will be performed over tasty bread. In the past, the bread would be baked without any salt and spices, and it was only right before it would be eaten that the bread would be seasoned or dipped in the gravy of a stew, in order to bless a tasty and palatable loaf of bread.

In the Gemarah this custom is associated with the absence of he Temple, where the sacrifices would be 

מלח פלפל.jpg