Decorative Tree - V'haya k'Etz - Stainless steel cutout



345.00 ₪Price
  • 38*36 cm | STAINLESS STEEL

    Floating stainless steel letters, placed within a tree-like frame with roots, branches and pomegranates.

    When hung on the wall, this frame casts a unique shadow which gives the impression of floating letters.

    The decorative tree incorporates verses from Psalms - Chapter 1 which discusses wishes of success and prosperity. The verses compare man to a strong tree, strongly rooted with easy access to plenty of water. This tree will also bear successful fruit, which will grow at the right time.

    A tree that gives its fruit to others and sees blessings and prosperity in all its actions. "And whatever he does will succeed"

    This item forms a touching gift to one's office or study room, displaying the wishes for success and abundance.