410.00 ₪Price
  • 25 * 38 cm | Stainless steel

    An elegant tray with Pomegranates laser cuttings, decorated with Swarovski stones.
    For Shabbat challahs or for lighting shabbat candlesticks.

    You can add products to make a set: Challah cover, challah knife, salt & pepper shakers and a narrow tray for serving sliced challah or a pair of additional candlesticks, as shown in the attached photos.

    The additional items appear in the Shabbat collection and is recommended to add for an impressive and beautiful set.

    We designed the tray in such a structure that the tray could be constructed of delicate and beautiful cuttings that would decorate your Shabbat table, and would not damage it during use. The glass on which the challahs are applied is placed on top of scaffolds, made to easily remove for cleaning.