176.00 ₪Price
  • 23 * 29 * 10 cm | Metal

    Lasercut metal standing tree with color print, incorporating verses from the Talmud.

    The text displaye originates from Tractate Ta'anit that tells us about someone who wanders in the desert, suffering from heat, fatigue and thirst. To his delight, he notices a large yielding tree, giving shade and an aquaduct passing beneath the tree. He then sits under the tree, enjoying the shade, eating the fruits and drinking while recovering from the desert heat. When he is ready to leave he wishes to bless the tree. He asks: "Tree, Tree, what shall I bless you with? After all, everything you can ask for – you already have. If so, I will bless you that all your fruits will be like you".

    A special gift to express appreciation and gratitude.