"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem" - Mashrabiya





355.00 ₪Price
  • Stainless steel 38*38cm

    Floating stainless steel letters, placed within a frame adorned with a Mashrabiya* pattern.

    When hung on the wall, this frame casts a unique shadow which gives the impression of floating letters.


    Jerusalem, if I forget Thee - the proclamation of Am Israel in the Diaspora, voiced by Jewish grooms a short moment before breaking the glass under the Chuppah, is echoed in our homes as well. The famous verse, in many variations, decorates many Jewish homes.

    A wonderful gift to offer for weddings, hosts, new homes and Jerusalem enthusiasts.

    *Mashrabiya is a traditional element found in Islamic architecture, which means lattice. It was traditionally used tcatch and passively cool the wind, while giving privacy to the people inside their homes.

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