Kehilot Israel Menorah -  Pomegaranates and Swirls


312.00 ₪Price
  • Kehilot Israel Menorah -  Pomegaranates and Swirls
    7.5*24*30 ס"מ cm
    Stainless steel colorful menorah, suitable for candles or oil

    Please indicate if you'd like the menorah to include aluminum bases for candles or glass holders for oil

    The menorah is also suitable for the ready-made oil sets

    The menorah can be attached to the wall as a decorative item

    The Kehilot Israel Menorah range was inspired by late 18th and early 19th century menorahs that were popular in different Jewish communities around the world. Some of which are on display at the Israel Museum. Menorahs from Morocco, Germany, India, Algeria, Poland and more, placed together here in Israel.

    It is very moving to walk around the museum and see different judaica items that were used in past generations, beautifully designed by different artists,

    The modern Menorah is a very symbolic reminder of the ancient Menorah which was taken away during the destruction of the Second Temple by the Roman. But it is also a very strong symbol reminding us of Shivat Zion, the Return to Zion. While lighting the menorah, we think of past generations.

    With this in mind, we created this range, linking past and present.