Plata Covers

Our cover is made out of the highest quality cloth with a colorful imprint, over a soft layer of stuffing (much like a summer quilt) which keeps the covered pot thermally isolated from the air, and warm.

Imagine a rainy winter Shabbat, with rain splattering the windowpanes. But on the table is a steaming pot of cholent, just waiting for you to dig in….

Please note that while the lower layer is made of special flame-retardant cloth, the cover must be placed over the pots, not below them, and never directly contact the hot plate. The product arrives in a storage comfortable package for the weekdays.

The hotplate cover keeps that cholent warm for you, even in the dead of winter. Sure, some use shower towels or blankets and that no doubt has its homey charm, but for greater efficiency, not to mention aesthetics, a dedicated, tastefully designed hot plate cover is without a doubt superior by far. 

כיסוי פלטה_edited_edited.jpg