Napkin Holder

Our napkin holders are an original, elegant and lovely items laser cut from stainless steel, patterned in pomegranates in two sizes. The pomegranate is an ancient Jewish symbol for bountiful blessings and potential and it is therefore wholly appropriate that it be used to adorn the Shabbat table.

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This is a unique gift for Shabbat's, holidays, and particularly for Rosh Hashana (The Jewish new year), be it for yourselves, for a host, an engagement party, a mother in law, a end of the year gift to a teacher, an overseas colleague and so forth. 


The repertoire is vast and you can easily assemble a gift set that will match the budget, with the stainless steel design being suitable for any home and table.

The napkin holder comfortably stores both napkins and grace booklets, providing a elegant, respectful and useful solution for storing the divergent grace booklets which are handed out in every event, rendering them accessible for use on the holiday and Shabbat table.

The laser cut stainless steel napkin holder is fully compatible other laser cut pomegranate patterned products, such as our challah trays, challah covers,   challah slicing knives, salt and pepper shakers, and traylets from the Shabbat and holiday collection, as well as pot trivets and runners from our Shabbat table decorations collection.