The Hamsa is a traditional talisman and symbol of happiness, good luck and success. Its origins are ancient, and it has been adopted by many ancient and contemporary Middle Eastern cultures. Among the Jewish people it is associated with the Jews of the Arab and Muslim lands, although even the bible refers to the outstretched hand being representative of divine power, and it is associated with the priests blessing the people of Israel, Miriam the sister of Moses, and the marking of the doorposts of the entrance to the home with blood to protect the children of Israel from the plague of the Firstborn during the Egyptian Captivity.

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It is from this latter association, perhaps, that the Hamsa is linked with the protection of the household. The open hand is also linked to plenty, and generosity. Finally, in Jewish tradition, the Hamsa also represents the fifth letter in the Jewish Alphabet, which the common representation of God, the shape of the fig leaf from the seven species. Muslims have their own associations – with the Hamsa being representative of the hand of the daughter of the Prophet Muhamad, and the five fingers being representative of the five pillars of Islam.


Either way, the Hamsa is more relevant and common than ever in Israel. Its traditional role as a protective decoration at the entry portals to homes remains, but it is also carried as talisman for travelers in the purse, the car or even keyholders. In a world increasingly yearning for traditional reassurances, Hamsas are not only increasingly carried by individuals, they are also ever present as a motif in Israeli art and have even begun to make an appearance in the business world.


It is no wonder that it makes the perfect gift for any occasion from a new home to a new business to simply indicate your appreciation and regard to a friend. It is a perfect gift for both Israeli and overseas friends and colleagues,


Our collection of this item includes 4 series:

  • Laser cut metal and colored imprinted floating Hamsas for hanging in your home or office

  • Table Hamsas made of a metallic or colorful frame

  • Delicate stainless steel laser cut Hamsas

  • Stainless steel framed Hamsas with colorful imprints and studded crystal stones

Laser cut metal and colored imprinted floating Hamsas for hanging in your home or office