Floating Letters - stainless steel

Floating wall letters – The unique product of our original research and development has become the leading success story of our collection. Original art which transforms ancient verses into a modern design for the contemporary home.

This pendant is essentially a cluster of letters designed to be hung up on the wall, at a certain distance from the surface. The distance from the wall creates shadows on the wall whose position can shift depending on the time of day, or the lighting used. The effect is stunning – the letters seem to float on the wall's surface!


Following the unprecedented success of the initial product in the "If I forget thee O Jerusalem" series, we expanded the collection and the floating wall letters now includes dozens of unique items, each different both in the shape of the letters and the design of the sentences. The collection includes wide variety of texts, verses and blessings from the rich Jewish world of the synagogue prayers, the Friday dinner, and the scriptural sources. 


Floating wall letters – a gift suitable for any home and for any event. Be it a housewarming party, an engagement, a wedding or any other joyous occasion. Amongst the texts you might find "If I forget thee o Jerusalem", the blessing of the home, woman of valor, the Shema, the Birchat Kohanim, and more. Indeed, the collection products have become household fixtures around the world.


A registered trademark, beware knockoffs