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I thank God for giving me the opportunity to design and produce in the magical world of Jewish art. A world full of events and holidays that give me a challenge to add to create and innovate. 

I am a seventh generation native Israeli, currently living in Petach Tikva with my husband and four children.

I have reached the world of Jewish art after many years of creativity in the sphere of graphic design. My affinity for the Jewish religion as an observant woman, as well as my familiarity with Jewish texts through prayers, blessings, Holidays and Festivals  paved the way  for an original creative world of Jewish art.

The integration of tools and technique of computerized graphic art with Jewish texts and traditional paper cuts, along with the interesting combination of materials and a unique mix of hues and shapes have all joined together to create a distinctive traditional modern Jewish art.

I encompass a vivid and abounding world of faith, creating art. Nourished by my origins, I gather verses, prayers and blessings and interweave them among my works.

I am grateful to The Creator for granting me a heavenly gift, for the ability to create, express and share with others, for the privilege to be involved in our plentiful Jewish world and to engage in a career I cherish so much. 

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