Floating Letters - colorful

The colorful floating letters series is a continuation series to the classic floating wall letters.

The products of the colorful floating wall letters are clusters of letters, or text appropriate elements which are hung up at a certain distance from the surface of the wall  The distance from the wall creates shadows on the wall whose position can shift during the day, or depending on the lighting used. The effect is stunningly unique – the letters seem to float on the wall's surface!

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This collection is particularly "colorful" and varied, including, in addition to classic blessings, scriptural citations also Israeli literature and poetry citations, such as texts from the songs of Naomi Shemer.

This is an original gift to give at special events, life milestones and celebrations in the Jewish circle of life. Search and you shall be certain to find a special and appropriate blessing for every occasion: You can bless a Brit with a "May the Lord bless you and watch over you" and a round birthday with an "Tree, tree, how may I bless you", offer a blessing of bounty and love for an engagement or wedding, and the blessing of the home for a housewarming party.

The design of the collection is modern and innovative – but the texts formed by the floating letters are timeless and authentic.

English language texts are also available so you can easily select a message which will be appropriate for the receivers of your gift.


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