Challah Trays

The Challah trays of yesteryear that were made of wood, or metal inlayed wood are being replaced with colorful metallic color trays, designed and decorated to imbue your Shabbat and holiday table with grace.

What does the collection include?

  • Colorful laser cut challah trays coated with opaque glass on which the Challahs are sliced.

  • Elegant, laser cut stainless steel Challah trays decorated with crystal stones. Compatible with the narrow serving trays (see item below).

  • Narrow, multi-use trays. Opulent and impressive stainless steel, laser cut, opaque glass coated*. Can serve for candlestick placement, or to serve Challah slices, fruit or pastries.

  • Opaque glass Challah trays on stainless steel legs.

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