Challah Knifes

That moment in which the family members sit silently around the table for the challah to be sliced, with the entire table set and prepared for the feast. Each and every one of us has this moment etched into memory. Everyone has their own Shabbat table, and even if we wander elsewhere on the Shabbat, this moment of slicing the Challah will bring us back to our familiar table.
The collection includes several models:

  • Colorful challah knives – the PTC series in pomegranate and flower patterns

  • Colorful challah knives suitable for opaque glass challah trays

  • Laser cut stainless steel challah knives in pomegranate/wheat sheaves patterns


A well sharpened Challah knife is a lovely gift for the hosts, for an engagement party, for an overseas host, for a bridegroom who has just joined the family, and more.

All knives have matching items in other collections – Challah trays, a challah knife, trivets, trivets for serving hot dishes, a salt and pepper shaker set, and a hot plate cover.

It is worth noting that the book of Segulot Israel notes that the purchase and sharpening of a new Challah knife on Rosh Hashanah is a blessing for yearlong prosperity, and it is told that the seer of Lublin would hand out knives on Rosh Hashanah.

It is interesting that according to the Halacha there is controversy on whether the Challah can be divided by hand, but everyone agrees that a knife is necessary to mark the location of the tear in the bread.
This is also the reason for the traditional shape of the challah – braided to make it easier to slice or tear. Preparing for Shabbat is part of the ritual of the Shabbat and one part of this preparation is the sharpening of the knife.