Challah Covers

All of the covers have matching items in other collections – challah trays,  challah knives, trivets for serving warm dishes, salt and pepper shaker sets, and a warm dish cover. Impressive, individualized, budget compatible, sets can be assembled. 
A Shabbat challah cover is a charming gift for an engagement party, hosts, an overseas colleague, a mother in law, a young bride and more.
The collection includes three models:

  • Colorful, Pomegranate and flower-patterned Challah covers that are suitable for the PTC series Challah trays.

  • Metallic gray Pomegranate / wheat sheaf patterned suitable for the stainless steel Challah trays.

  • Challah covers compatible with the opaque glass trays.

The cover incorporates texts such as Shabbat Shalom, for Shabbat and Yom Tov, in honor of the holy Shabbat, and text from the hymn "Come my beloved"

 According to tradition, Challah's must be covered during the Kiddush. Dedicated Challah covers are traditionally used for this purpose. There are several reasons for this beautiful custom (asides from the beauty of it). According to the Jerusalem Talmud, the reason to cover the Challahs is in memory of the manna which fed the Children of Israel during their wanderings in the desert following their exodus from Egypt. Manna was wrapped in a gentle dew cover from both above and below so that the children of Israel could eat it free of the desert sand.