Candle Lighting

"לְכָה דוֹדִי לִקְרַאת כַּלָּה פְּנֵי שַׁבָּת נְקַבְּלָה"

"Let’s go, my beloved, to meet the bride and let us welcome the presence of Shabbat"


The candle lighting Mitzvah most likely originates in the need to light the household when the sun set, so that the family members could luxuriate in eating the Shabbat meal in candlelight – a luxury indeed in the days before electric lighting, when beeswax and even tallow candles would represent a considerable portion of the household income.

Candle sticks

  • Tall colorful laser cut metal candle sticks in a variety of patterns.

  • Stunningly designed, delicately designed laser cut metal low candlesticks, intended for women who light a candle for every child and guest and for Mitzva aged girls.


Shabbath Candles Blessing

A table stand of the candle blessing recited after the lighting of the candles.