Blooming Good Wishes

"Talk to me in flowers" goes the song, and it is 100 percent right. A flower is a universal gift appropriate for any purpose, event and holiday. However, few today understand the subtle code of flower correspondence in this day and age. So, just in case your special recipients do not know quite what you mean to tell them with our colorful metallic flowers, we attach significant and timeless texts from scriptural and other sources, in both Hebrew and English.

Like the texts, our flowers our timeless, never writing and not requiring special care or watering. They come prepacked in a perfect gift box with a transparent lid.

What does this collection have to offer you?

  • Wood shaped metal stands with the classic texts: Beracha Ladorot from the Taanit Tractate 5b, " Ilan Ilan- dear tree- with what can I bless you…. hat I shall wish for you is that all that comes forth from you will be blessed with more of the same" and the success blessing from psalms 1 " That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither-- whatever they do prospers."

  • A set of 4 vases – 4 words – love, success, wealth, joy in Hebrew and in English.

  • A well wishes and blessing vase.

A metal flower with a blessing to express well wishes, and affection, to someone special and loved. Appropriate for overseas acquaintances, for a birthday, for new beginnings, for a new business, for starting studies, enlisting and also for saying goodbye. This symbolic gift is significant and joyful for every occasion, as said in the song "talk to me in flowers".