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To dream, to feel, to imagine, to design, to innovate, to date, to break through, to create

G-O-D has blessed me to design and create in a world of Jewish art. A rich and bountiful world of content, diverse holidays, special occasions and events which constantly challenge me to create and to renew.


I am a native of the Land of Israel, a daughter to an extensive Jerusalemite family. It is a family that is deeply rooted to the land: My mother was of Old Yishuv (pre Zionist settlement) ancestry, and my father a Palmach (elite pre-state Zionist militia) fighter. Both loved the land, its scenary and secret trails, as well as music, poetry, writing and every artistic expression.


From my childhood in my parents house I breathed and absorbed art, aesthetics, composition, colors and music, which inspired me and filled me with passion on my artistic journey. From a very young age I took up the brush and under the guidance and encouragement of my beloved mother  I went on to seek new materials, work methods and technologies. 


As a religiously observant woman, the world of Jewish art has always been near and dear to my heart, and it was a constant hobby of mine even as I developed my career in commercial graphic design. However, gradually the hobby became my main occupation. Utilizing techniques and tools from the world of graphics and in combination with traditional laser cut patterned decoration work and Jewish texts from my upbringing and environment, I created a unique and fascinating combination of shapes and hues, decorations and letters, old with new, traditional with modern. It is important for me to ensure that every product I create is innovative, containing features or utilizing materials and techniques which have never been used before. 


Faith is the wellspring of art – my religious life is the world from which I collect and harvest texts and verses, prayers and blessings, which I interweave within my creations and adapt them to various events in the life of the Jewish community and family.


I give thanks to the creator for the heavenly gift I received, for the ability to express and create and to share with others. I give thanks for the chance to work in a field I love so much, and deal with the texts and contents of our rich and magical Jewish world.


My Studio

The studio is in Petach Tikva, in Dorit's yard, in a warm family environment. It is staffed by a dedicated team who work with love to their products, procedures, and customers.

In this sheltered oasis we dream products into existence, design, fine tune, print, embed semi-precious stones, pack the products, and ship them off with the hope that they will spread beauty and blessings, light and joy. The products are shipped to leading stores, museum stores, galleries and a variety of other sites in Israel and throughout the world.


The Dorit Judaica staff will be happy to be at your service in regard to any request and question.


Our activity hours on Sundays-Thursdays are between 08:00-15:30

Phone: 03-9552775, 0540-6662775

Email: service@dorit-judica. 

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